Martha continues to muse…

The publication date is coming closer:  I loved reprinting Volume One and selecting the poems for Volume Two, despite the painful topic. It has been a kind of closure for me.  And an acknowledgment that, in retrospect, my illness has been a gift.

I do, however, admit to having two regrets. Continue reading

Acknowledging what is

I woke up this morning feeling an urgency for completion and closure.  This two volume set of musings, soon to be published,  has several missions.  Not the least of which is a very personal one.  Which is to “bracket” those 12 painful years, acknowledge them, and put them to bed.  As the collection wends it’s way through editing and interior design, I find I am a bit impatient.  Something in me is eager to say – with this book between its covers,  in my hands, and out in the world  – “it is over.”  Those 12 years are done. Continue reading

Welcome to my very first Post

You know, I feel good inaugurating this “new” endeavor!  Two books, Musing Along the Way:  (the years 1997–2001; the years 2002-2008) are about to be published.  And they are not really new!  In 2001, I wrote my reactions and reflections, in poetry form, to the first years after my diagnosis with multiple sclerosis. Now 12 years later, I unearth an additional stashed collection from the bowels of my file cabinet.   Hundreds of later entries resulted from my continued reflection on  the painful and triumphant journey through 2008. I thought them also worth sharing and have added them to the originals, in a new two volume set.

In anticipation of publication, likely in May 2011, I want the books to have their own online home.  And their own occasional blog. And thus, I’ve created this welcoming space.

Since I’m at an age (71) where I find myself going to memory lane more and more, and enjoying the journey, I must admit that I spent an intense few days rereading those later poems. In reminding myself of what I had once written, I found myself reliving the period of life losses which converged on me all at once, and the despair that once accompanied that period of trying to put one foot in front of the other.  Fortunately, those feelings passed and I’m grateful to have arrived to a happier period of life.

As I don’t want to overwhelm myself with unrealistic expectations, I won’t  promise a regular posting.  I already post on my most recent book’s site, and enjoy both living that journey and writing about it.

But what I notice is,  as I age, I seem to be setting up my new playgrounds.  As a former coach, mentor, management consultant, and trainer, very intrigued with how each one of us successfully manages to navigate what life throws at us,  I am still interested in how we can all live more purposefully and gracefully – no matter our physical conditions.   So, I’m creating some websites on which to play, publish, have fun, and let people know what I’m thinking.

Actually, I’m looking forward to doing in these spaces what I have always done––reflecting on the life journeys we all travel. They may be yours that you choose to share with me, or my own as I age. In any case, I plan to keep front and center a key question: How can we all stay awake and centered on discovering and expressing who we really are, as we choose our paths through life.

Something definitely changes when we finally summon the courage to risk telling the truth about who we are and who we are not.                                                        ~Angeles Arrien

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