Yes, musing, musing and more musing II

Lisa Joy Merrill Photography

I find I want to reprint here what I wrote just two days ago for the Take Time blog.  It’s becoming clear to me that the overlap of the variety of things that interest me—doing what one loves, staying in the game whether bad day or not, taking time for oneself to recalibrate one’s experience of and approach to life, can actually legitimately appear in any one of the my three blogging sites.

On further thought, I  won’t reprint it here.  It’s long.  Rather I’ll refer to it here.  A genuine “musing”on a tired and dreary day,  when I allowed myself to take time to feel and to write about my feelings of urrggg and  joylessness.


Yes, those feelings appear from time to time.  Because we are human.

And they do pass.  Important to give them space.  Let them in and out.

How are you feeling today?


Most of us will go to any length to avoid feeling four things:
powerless, worthless, helpless, hopeless. Author Unknown

my musing continues I

Today, I spent a lovely Sunday afternoon driving my father’s WheelHorse Mower in the back field.  For some reason I couldn’t fathom, I was missing my father–deeply– and the tears were rolling down my cheeks.  And then I realized.  It’s Father’s Day.  How serendipitous to be thinking about my father on this very day. The universe does provide.  He died 25 years ago almost exactly to the day, so he’s been gone a long time.   For about 10 years after his death in 1986, exactly at this time, I would find myself crying for 2 or 3 days, not knowing why, thinking it odd, until I noticed the pattern and the timing repeating itself with such regularity. Strange he should be “visiting” me today, after a 15 year gap in the pattern.  What’s that about?   The moment reminded me to write my “former” son and sons-in-law, and my brother, who are all wonderful fathers, and to wish them well. Continue reading

Joyous Closure I

Yes, I basically finished the first draft of the combined and coordinated versions of Vol. I and Vol. II of Musing… in February.  After many months of getting proofs, making new decisions, finding the right cover photographs, my so-to-speak “memoir” of a tough period  in my life is done.  The books are sitting in my office.   I am proud of them. And now I need to mail them to friends and family.  This represents joyous closure #1. It feels good. Continue reading