The harmonica initiative III

Well, my nephew, the musician, came to visit.  I asked him if he would open the package. He allowed as he didn’t know how to play a harmonica. But he tested it out and I did test it out. Discovered that it plays both on the exhale and on the inhale and that I could do a scale and play some chords.  Okay, now nothing to do but get out the darned  CD and sit in front of my computer taking lesson ONE.  At this point, the harmonica sits on the table with the CD.

The progress here is minute. I am really laughing at myself, the gold standard doer and go getter, operating at such a slow pace.  And noticing what my priorities really seem to be.  Ah well, the turtle is nevertheless plodding onward.

The harmonica initiative at the meta level

Okay, I’m back at it.  Progress in the right direction albeit slowly.  Since I last posted, I listened to the CD audio portion, just enough to get the teacher’s recommendations for what harmonica to buy.  Went to a harmonica website to see if I recognized anything like what he proposed for this beginner.  There are many brands and many styles of harmonica, I am learning. Continue reading

The harmonica initiative #1…

Okay, I’m starting something new.  Maybe.  Went to a retreat and met an osteopath who is also a musician.  He played a mean harmonica and I was hooked.  “Maybe I could learn to play,” I thought.  It wasn’t the first time in my life I had entertained the notion of learning to play the harmonica, as I so enjoy hearing others play. I asked him if it was hard to learn. He said that he’d taught many people over a weekend, and given some basic knowledge about scales and harmony (which I have), it wouldn’t be hard at all.  In fact, he had just produced an instructional CD.

So, I ordered the CD and it came today.

I’m sort of reluctant to write all this down.  This could be the first and last post about the harmonica initiative. Or I could actually follow my playful desire to master something that is physically possible for me and chronicle my efforts to  bring a new form of joy to my life and reclaim playing music. It could actually be a new way of taking time for myself.

So, I’m starting.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll open the package.