When the Muse arrives

For me, the muse arrived as a result of a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, now quite a few years ago.  And it propelled me to react, contemplate, choose, feel myself along the way in poetry, or musings as I called them in two books of that title.  Recently I had a different kind of chance to “muse” in a 30 minute radio blog interview with my friend Doug Foresta, and read some poems.  Doug had  told me in no uncertain terms, “these books are not just for those with chronic illness.They’re for anyone of a reflective nature who allows him/herself  to experience  life’s ups and downs.”

Thanks Doug.

2014 apology:  A provided link to that interview is no longer available.

Affirmation and anger in the MS world

Today, for a moment in time, I was both feeling very, very, affirmed, and very,very angry.  It felt strange to have both feeling co-existing in my body.  I went for the first time to an MS (multiple sclerosis) holiday event.  Given that I had been slow to share my books of Musings, prompted by my 1997 diagnosis, with other MSers, I decided that it was time to change that behavior and take some books along. After all, everyone who has read them, has found them inspirational. Continue reading