As we age: Memories

As of April 2012, I entered a local senior independent living complex. Feeling great relief at having done so, I was fixing my total attention on getting unpacked and acclimated.

It turns out that as soon as I arrived, I was beseiged by other residents wanting to share their memories of Johnson’s Bookstore. Continue reading

Happy Mother’s Day

The son of one of my former husbands called yesterday.  Now 62, he said he was taking the time to call all of his mothers. I saw him through graduation and marriage.  Once divorced from his father, I didn’t keep up much with the step  children scattered around the country.  Nor did I meet any of his 3 sons in their younger years (one of my regrets), now proud graduates of college and more or less launched.

Thanks, Ron. Nice to know that you and your wife and family are doing well and that you think fondly of all of your mothers.  I’ll look forward to some pictures.

I conclude:  It’s never too late to call your mother, surrogate mother, or temporary mother person in your life.

I definitely appreciated the gesture.