A Taste of a Miracle

This morning I got up and walked without my cane, reasonably well, for about 10 steps.  Those who have been working with me to regain my gait have told me it is possible for me to walk again.  Having gotten a taste of  the miracle, perhaps it is time for me to believe.

Clarity in it’s own time

For two months I’ve been pondering the adequacy of the one bedroom apartment into which I moved.  After giving up a home and 40 acres of conserved open space that went with it, I’ve held off hanging pictures and making this smaller space my new home.  For two months I “knew”  I needed a larger apartment and made my request to the administration to put me on the waiting list .  Finally, a two-bedroom became available.  I reviewed my choices in a burst of excitement.

But….all of a sudden it became clear in a way I didn’t expect.  I’m going to stay put. Continue reading