My new “Sisters”

The Musing Blog is a place  where I muse about my life, unashamedly. It’s a continuation of sorts of the two volumes of poetry which were prompted by my unwelcome diagnosis of MS and all that flowed from that for the next 10 years. That those pre-2008 musings happened to flow out in poetic form was a huge surprise to me.

As I continue the process of “musing” in a blog devoted to the next years of my life journey, my personal inspirations and contemplations happen to be flowing out in prose. The musings of  2010 and on, including today’s, have really  been prompted by my question, “And how will my life continue, as I enter the last stage of life?”   The content is….well….whatever occurs to me.  Something that strikes a chord.  Something that won’t leave me until I write it down.  Something I want to note while it has my attention. And perhaps even change, or finish, or contemplate, at a later time.

Today, it’s about my gratitude for my new “sisters”. Continue reading