It’s over…and it’s not

I gave the buyers my key

I gave them my garage door opener

I drove out the driveway for the very last time

I’m moving on.


It will be official on Friday

Those buyers become the new owners

After 12 years, for me, it’s over…


And… it’s not… because

I retain my beautiful memories

And…I have a new sanctuary.


Musings on the sale of my home “sanctuary” pictured above.

Today, I added another new role model

Yesterday, a new aquaintance said to me, “You’re my role model.”  That’s not the first time I’ve heard that, but it’s the first time I took it in.  Apparently for those who are struggling with health and loss, my positive attitude, my insistence on keeping myself fit, doing all I can for myself, and staying engaged with life, is seen as an example for others.  All I can say is that my approach works for me, and I’m glad to think that others might be inspired to consider that staying cheerful and in flow could also work for them.

We all need models.   Continue reading