The Worthy Ponderables

I’m facing questions that strike me as worthy of ponder:

Now that there’s a generation in our 60’s and 70’s, aware that we may have 15-25 more good years to live, how will we play with the abundance of possibilities that exist for us, or, that we can create for ourselves?

How will we fill our time meaningfully?

What will be our legacy, and our contribution?

How will we prepare to pass on to the next plane with dignity and grace, bequeathing the upcoming generation an awareness of their possibilities, and the example of a good model?

I’m clearly entering a new age stage. How will I manage this gift of additional productive years, which is not actually “retirement” and it is not actually “career renovation?”   Apparently giving serious attention to these emerging worthy ponderables is the beginning of my next life task.

What significant questions are showing up for you?

I  dare you to respond with your thoughts below.

Happy New Year!

I’ll take it as a sign

Have you ever noticed how the  universe sometimes conspires to reinforce and underscore a direction of thought that perhaps––just perhaps––requires a bit more action or at least more attention?  I admit to frequently receiving these unexpected and serendipitous knocks on my door.

Yesterday, I wrote a post suggesting that we Take Time to Pause…and to actually relish and enjoy that pause.  (And, if you haven’t already noticed, my suggestions to others are really no more than suggestions to myself, reminders to myself that I need to get back on track with the elements of health and well being I’ve been ignoring or avoiding.)

Today, the end of year  horoscope for this Aquarian in my local paper, registered agreement with that post and took it a bit further. I quote:

“I can’t force you to seek more pleasure in 2013.  I won’t nag you to play harder and explore the frontiers of feeling really good.  Howeer, I will say this:  If you don’t plan to put yourself into  at least partial alignment with the cosmic mandate to have maximum fun, you might not get the best use out of the advice I’ll be offering in the coming year.  Please consider the possibility of ramping up your capacity for pure enjoyment.” Rob Brezky

Point made.  Message received. I’ll do my best.  Expect some posts on “take time for fun” as I attempt to learn the lessons that have been my life long challenge.

I’m old? I’m young? What’s happening?

Yes, part of me is old.  The physical part of me that received a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis in my late fifties looks a bit old.  The cascading consequences of 12 years that followed left a body out of balance with: scoliosis, tired ligaments in the sacroiliac joint, and arthritic loss of cartilage in the left knee.  Each has  taken their toll.   In surrender, I passed on the business I could no longer lead.  I  sold the home I could no longer manage.  Significantly downsized, I moved to senior independent living with the 80 plus gang. I limp and stoop and use a cane, walker, and scooter around my building. Knee replacement is in my near future.

It would be so easy to succumb to a “retirement” which includes decline, disease, and despair– except that… Continue reading