Welcoming NEMO

NEMO is upon us –the aptly named Nor’easter that is supposed to drop two feet of snow on us within 24 hours.  Let me be clear.  I no longer own a home.  I no longer have to prepare for  power outages in my community of seniors which employs a loving staff to take care of us in emergencies. I do not have children who will likely get stir crazy until the ultimate depths of the snow call them outside to make snowmen.  And I don’t welcome the damage a heavy storm does to others, to power, to the disruption of long planned events, to daily commerce. I’ll be thinking about those victims of Hurricane Sandy who surely don’t need another weather event at this point.

But, for me, a now single introvert, I love the “forced” time out. Continue reading

Too many things to do?

I’m supposedly retired.  No matter. I have a really long list of what I want to, and feel I need to do.  The items on that list are projects, projects I want to accomplish:  mastering Skype (I think that’s probably easy), creating a short video of the jazz piano player who comes frequently to entertain us (I’ve done this video thing before, but over a year ago), preparing legacy boxes for my “heirs,”  (this will take time), refining my will, and doing my taxes. The last two are a bit more tedious but necessary. Getting my book on those popular e-readers is an additional task that has been languishing in my mental space for two years.  And,  I am happy to say, I made the choice to get it done with professional help.  That project can be crossed off the list, as we speak. CHECK!

All of these  other “projects” and more,  reside in the background of my mind and feed me messages like, “I must”,  “I should” “can I ever get this done?” “where will I find a window of time to devote to this,”  “stay busy, there’s lots to do,” “don’t forget…” Continue reading