I feel “safe”

I’m watching– and musing– along the way of this journey at 73 to a new home, to a new knee, to a new healing process, to a new level of comfort.  I’m noting overwhelming feelings of gratitude and of  safety.  This is new.  I feel good.  I am really starting fresh in so many ways, and with just the right timing.  I live in a place of community where I will be cared for…where people appreciate me for who I am… with others who are also on the “knee journey”  from whom I can learn and share my progress regaining my gait.

To have sold the family home I could no longer manage to young professionals who love it so much is just an extra bonus…and a relief.

That’s it for today.

Here and now, as I regain my balance, and my equilibrium, and comfort in my new surroundings, I do feel safe.

Home from “vacation”

Whew!!  I’m home.

I’ve returned after almost exactly one month since I entered the hospital for knee replacement surgery on March 21. Every day I was asked, “where is your pain on a 0 -10 scale?”  I was pleased to be able to answer “0” most every day.  (For more info on orchestrating comfortable surgeries, check out healfaster.com.)

The operation was followed by  21 days in the rehab hospital with 3 hours a day of  both exercise therapy and getting-back-to -doing-routine-tasks therapy.   The daily rehab exercises were not exactly pain free, but that’s to be expected when you try to get  muscles functioning once again.

For those 21 days  I was totally “served”.   Continue reading