Pausing is a challenge

While I preach about the necessity of pausing, it generally falls into the category of “we all teach what we need to learn.”

Yes, the teachers in the world tend to be experts on the varieties of ways to struggle for mastery of what a good life requires.  Whether it be exercise, diet, doing what you love, making money on the internet, having a successful relationship, the “experts” have tried everything, failed alot, had their breakthroughs to what finally worked, and disciplined themselves to get good at what they care about.  “Pausing” I believe is one of the things a good life requires.  This post being prompted by a Rollo May quote that crossed my desk today:

Human freedom involves our capacity to pause, to choose the one response toward which we wish to throw our weight.

I’ve not been good at “pausing” in my life. Continue reading

Crying, laughing, pay attention

I find myself in an unusual space….Yes, I’m at my computer, promising myself a nap, temporarily detoured by a new book review Ctrl, Alt, Delete by Mitch Joel.

Yes, I’ve had knee surgery. That means that most days I’m either doing or avoiding my exercises, and resting alot.  Mostly, I do little.  “Vegging” is one label I’d give it.  Surrendering to whatever I feel like is another.  No particular agenda.  No one I want to talk to.  Nothing I really want to do.  Except… write about what I’m experiencing. Continue reading

Wake Up Call

It was Saturday morning.

And, it was just a small oversight.

After completing a few exercises while holding on to the kitchen sink, I backed up, intending to sit and rest for a moment on my walker .

Half way down, I realized there was no seat.  I had neglected to restore it.  And I was too far down on the journey to the floor to be able to pull myself up.  So I kept going…as controlled as possible…until I landed, reasonably comfortably.  And, there was no way I could get up, being in recovery from knee surgery.

After a brief experience of panic, quickly converting to a recognition that I was, in fact, not in any real danger, I started laughing.   Continue reading