The gift of a unique heritage

Nearly every day I am reminded of my “heritage”.  And while I had nothing to do with creating it, I am seen as the living and local representative of my grandfather, father, cousins, and brother, who did create it.  I am one of the few remaining local members of the beloved 3-generation, family owned and operated, Johnson’s Bookstore clan.

And so in my senior living complex, the word gets around. I end up with folks enthusiastically sharing their love of the place, their experiences as children shopping for toys at Johnson’s, as parents taking their own children to Santa Claus every Christmas, and as adults, shopping for books, art supplies, cards and gifts. Some at 80, still have the gold coin that Santa gave them. Continue reading

That “flow” thing

There are times that I notice that “the universe provides” in unexpected ways to fill the needs of the moment.  You do your best, and the world comes to meet you and help you along. These are the moments in life that are helpful in ways you could never expect.   I am noticing that there are more and more of them. Continue reading