It’s called Chaos

It’s no secret by now to any reader of these musings in recent months that there have been many changes going on in my life. I’ve dealt with external biggies of downsizing, moving to senior housing, a major surgery for knee replacement, fairly successfully.  In addition I’ve experienced the internal biggies—the emotional responses to loss, change,and confusion.  I’ve felt pain, distress, anguish, fear and tears–all the while not  knowing why my reactions seem so huge and out of proportion. Continue reading

Where is it safe to tell the truth?

Not in many of our organizations…and sadly…not even in our families. Still.

At 73, I’m engaged in sorting and tossing from file after file—things I saved to savor–years and years ago. That’s one thing we elders either do, or avoid doing, or muddle around and wish we could get on with it.   Fortunately I’m in a phase of actually doing this task and saving my heirs the trouble—following the good model of my mother.

What makes this tedious task worth it are the occasional discoveries of things forgotten, the opportunity to relive memories, and to read notes that I recorded probably 20 years ago. While I don’t remember the specific incident described below, Continue reading

A pleasure I’d like to share

For years I have been enjoying Karen Jandorf’s passion for inspiring quotations, a delight which I happen to share. She has recently reconceptualized her mission as “Peace on the Inside.”  Today I was particularly moved by both the quote and the related practice she encloses with each daily missive. Continue reading