A question for any age

How will I be useful?   That was the question I was surprised to receive from my 92-years old, just-moved-in neighbor when he told me he wanted to purchase my book, Why Not Do What You Love?   In our brief conversation, he shared that he and  his  wife had  traveled pretty widely.  Now they are ensconced in senior independent living, as am I.  He was aware that this was probably  the “last stop,”  and he was thinking about what that meant. Continue reading

More lessons for the slow lane

The physical therapist said, “You can do this. It may take a few years of targeted practice, because your muscles are very weak.”

I heard only the part about the few years it will take.  I want it now.  I want to stand tall and walk with ease.

There’s part of me at 73, with a walker, who resides in the slow lane.  There’s another part of me that lives in the fast lane of interests and activities, and resents the fact that my body can’t keep up. I continue to struggle Continue reading