Never too late to play

Today was Halloween. The day for dress up and trick or

treating for kids!  But what about the elders?

At ages 78-90,  the young-at-hearts at Providence Place refuse to deny themselves the pleasures of this day.   Ogres, ghosts, vampires, and vamping young women with long hair took over our lobby. Purely for the fun of it.  And I had a camera.


That’s one thing I really like about this place….

We celebrate the holidays in high style, from CIMG0593xhonoring our veterans on Veteran’s Day at a special luncheon, to dancing to honky tonk piano for the birthday men and women of the month.

Today was just another opportunity Continue reading

Viewing life from different angles

As I enter the last chapter of my life, I’ve most recently had a chance to be with those who have closed the last chapter of theirs.  Over the last 3 weeks, I’ve attended two wakes and a graveside burial, for family and new friends, to pay my respects for lives well lived. The picture of my own future is starting to come into focus. Continue reading