He is extreme!

I’m noticing more and more the moments when a laugh surges spontaneously from deep within, a guffaw, a delight at hearing a comment, receiving an unexpected message, a surprising and welcome reminder of times past.  Today it came as a result of a ” hello and thank you” and a report on a “teeny” change in the life of one “obsessive” to the extreme.

I had written a post about three years ago about Kenneth (pseudonym) with whom I shared a physical therapist.  In the group room and at home, he constantly overdid his exercise program such that he was always injured. I kind of made fun of him as he reminded me of me…doing way too much stuff at once Continue reading

Perhaps we’re all heroes

CIMG0742exI’m starting to get used to being a source of inspiration to others I don’t even know.  Mostly during my regular visits to the YMCA swimming pool and fitness room.

Last week it was Ron.  Today, it was Elbert. While stretching on the nautilus machine, walker by my side, he approached, introduced himself and said:  I can’t believe you trek in here with your walker and go to it.    You’re such a hero to me. Especially on the days I don’t feel like getting out of bed and getting over here.  And I’m able bodied!

I’m less surprised at these comments than I used to be.  They are happening more and more often.  I’m appreciative, yes.  And somewhat amazed that just doing what I need to do, is mattering to someone I don’t know, who has been moved enough to share his appreciation.

Yes, I’m doing my life at this moment.  And right now, part of that is attention to serious exercise.   I’m also very aware how others in the gym have become my heroes (see an earlier post) for working persistently on their daunting goals, as they choose to do their lives. And I have introduced myself and thanked them.

Maybe we’re all potentially heroes to one another as we care of the business of living in the many caring,  healthy, helpful, persistent ways that we do.

Keep in mind.  Small things matter in ways you’ll probably never know.

You’re undoubtedly being noticed.