Musing out loud

I unearthed this video, created in 2011, when I was preparing two volumes of Musing Along the Way for publication and was experimenting with making videos on my computer.

Interesting that after so many years, the topic feels so very current. Frankly, it’s no more fun than it was in 2003 when I first acknowledged the despair, penned my reactions, and stuck the page in a file drawer.   Curious that this morning’s serendipitous viewing occurs at the very time that I’m renewing my commitment to another set of tedious exercises to help me straighten my back.   It’s still not fun. 

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OK, I’m on it.  Yet one more time.

Empty and confused

When you’re in the midst of it, it makes no sense.  Death and dying are the topics that currently surround me.  At the moment I am feeling empty and confused.  Previous experience tells me to go with it, and it will pass.  And so I do….. Continue reading

And living goes on



Once again, as the youngest resident of my senior independent complex, I note how often this community takes time out to just have fun.  St. Patrick’s Day approaches and we have lots of Irish in residence.






Although the party starts early, the Irish Coffee was abundantly available.  The Irish priest came with his baritone and his guitar, to sing the folk tunes, accompanied by “his lads” on the violin and flute. The town’s young Colleens, selected each year for their Irish heritage, their essays, and their volunteer work, came to visit, dance, and socialize.  


CIMG0774M&L copy     


     Yes, the living goes on.  


      And I wore green.