I had a dream

Funny thing.  Last night before bed I told a friend, who was sharing about his dreaming, that I haven’t really dreamt much in the last several years. Or, at least I don’t remember my “dreaming”.  Woke up this morning with the most vivid dream of me walking….almost normally.  Haven’t had one of those for 10 years.

I’ll take it.  Every single bit of it! It’s coming from some part of me and needs to be honored! Apparently, this mind-body of mine really wants to walk.  I’ll take it as a signal to own the possibilities and keep working for them!

And something else is happening

An epiphany, you might say!  My life journey is proceeding into the awareness of aging, hopefully the graceful sort.  Duh!  Am I the last to know?  Someone told me that my blogs been tiptoeing into that place for a while now.  (I guess that’s the test of a journey….it only really makes sense in hindsight.)

Frankly,  I do find myself focusing much more on my own preparations for whatever years are left to me, and by extension, learning and sharing with others. My curiosities lead me into conversations with peers and the younger 55+ folks who attend my classes.  My brother’s recent death at 67, the first sibling to pass, was a real wakeup call. And all these reflective moments converged into a June front page “summarizing” in the local newspaper.

That means, my “work with others” is beginning to morph towards the joys, dilemmas, and challenges of “living fully and gracefully” as the years advance.   It’s this 60 – 90 period that is most intriguing. Continue reading

Something happened

CIMG0826 Rowe2Pivotal moments in life are rare and precious.

Unless of course I’m wrong about that, and those pivotal possibilities surround each of us, all the time, just waiting for us to hear their call.

The pivotal and precious occurred for me this past weekend, in the Berkshires, at the beautiful Rowe Conference Center, in a workshop with Deena Metzger, healer, activist, and wise elder.    Fifteen of us worked to uncover the stories of the lives we’ve lived.   We freed the story of a woman, in whose presence, one is encouraged to speak the truth.  That was me.  It’s true.  And I get it!

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