Exercise urgghhhh!

I used to play tennis, and I loved it life long.  I used to jog.  Fortunately I can still swim.

But swimming doesn’t get to all the muscles that surrendered to inactivity during both the recent onset of scoliosis symptoms and my earlier journey with multiple sclerosis.   I struggle with giving daily attention to the stretches, the  standing tall and walking tall, the activation of this or that muscle that my specialists have assigned me in order to reclaim my gait.  I haven’t wanted to do it.  It’s the last thing I want to do every day.

I had to take a hard look at both the attitude and the behavior. Continue reading

Just musing….still musing

I’ve come to a place where I want to “reintroduce” this blog space, and honor the spirit of the original motivation for these posts.

In 2011, I published two volumes of Musing Along the Way.  They contained my poetic glimpses during 10 years of reclaiming a life after an unexpected, at-the-time unwelcome, and life-changing diagnosis of multiple sclerosis.  As I was preparing the two volumes for publication and setting up this website, my very first post from February 2011  suggested that I wanted to create a blog space where I could continue to track life ongoing, and keep writing, post publication. Continue reading