What soothes?

Yesterday in the afternoon, back to my old stomping grounds in South Hadley for a concert by Mt. Holyoke College faculty Baroque Ensemble whose members have been doing what they love for years,  playing annual concerts on replicas of the “old” instruments.  My cells took it all in… really soothing.   Then in the evening, watching a classic black and white movie from 1944,  with Bing Crosby, Going My Way, one I had never seen. A feel-good reminder of when days and times were simpler.

And this morning, I woke up walking easily.

When am I going to learn to give myself more of what I need, and more often?

What about you?

Gratitude in flow

What a special treat!   To have recently found out that five folks from my last Why not Do What You Love?  class had been meeting every three weeks or so to work the material and support each other, on their own initiatives.

A 3-session class cannot be deemed a life changer unless the challenge introduced is actually accomplished–in small bits, large clumps, often with supportive nudging.  They learned the lesson I intended and were diligently working to do more of what they love in life.  My heart is forever warmed.

The best form of “thank you” in the world.  It arrived in the form I choose to see as both a wonderful gift to themselves, and to me.

How does gratitude flow in your life?