I feel good I

This week was a good week.  Here’s one reason why.

I received deep thanks for my encouraging kicks in the pants by two recipients of same.  Yes, that’s part of my M.O.  When someone dares to mention in my presence that they want to do something–especially if they mention it more than once–I take them seriously and persist with encouragement.

Joy has been wanting to write her life stories as a memoir for her children for I don’t know how long. She started this week.  Janet has been hesitating for 9 months to share her artwork with our community. This week she did so with great acclaim,  and has an idea for another show next June.

While my “no excuses personality” can also seen as blunt, bottom line and minimalist and not so warm and fuzzy, my friends, two 75-plus women, expressed deep gratitude for my persistent insistence that they “get moving” on what they said they wanted to do, and for even taking them by the hand to get them started.

What I’m noticing about me is that I tend to believe in people more than they believe in themselves.

When my persistent presence prompted them to get moving on their goals, it didn’t seem to matter how long it had taken, we all felt good.

While I am sure that some weeks, this part of me is less appreciated, this week was not one of them.