Aging in poetry

Good Models (2001)

I joined my 87 year old mother and 92 year old aunt for lunch one day

My mother laughed about her hearing aid, determined not to be like those other old folks who blame their lack of hearing on everyone else’s lack of volume

My aunt noted the new presence in her life of what she called “the borrowers.”     They are the spirits who take things temporarily and then, in their own time, return them to a different place.

Both are good models for me. My aunt still walks the mountain, but drives up half way and walks the flat

My mother is cutting back on her tennis, “Two games a week instead of three, and perhaps pingpong sooner than later.”

One element of successful aging it seems is to adjust to one’s limitations with grace.  At 61, with a chronic illness, I’m starting on the same journey a little earlier than they.

May I be equally graceful and patient with myself!


The Power of  Perspective

I’m beginning to see that

the healing power of truth

is found somewhere between

the tears and the laughter.


Sooner or Later

Loss and limitation come to all of us sooner or later.

Is this now for me my sooner?  or my later?


On the Need to Slow Down

I conclude that rushing

Is one word which no longer

Belongs in my vocabulary.

The activity no longer serves my good health.

However, getting my body to agree

Is not such an easy matter!


In the Silence

In the silence, if I wait long enough, I feel myself SAD…

In the silence, if I wait long enough, I feel myself ANGRY…

In the silence, I no longer have to wait so long, to feel myself,

be myself, whatever way I am.

and to ultimately rescind my vow of silence.