About the author:  Martha Johnson

I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at 57 years of age and my life as an active professional and business owner was forever changed. The original edition of this publication reflects the early years of coping with this unanticipated diagnosis and life change (1997-2001). In a collection of honest poetry that others label wise, daring, and fearless,  I share my conflicts and lessons in sparse and straightforward verse, hopefully with a good touch of humor.

In the second volume, I’m a woman on a mission–to share my journey of hope and healing as I continue to navigate whatever life presents. I extend my  life reflections through the next six years (2002-2008) when an avalanche of unanticipated losses  prompts continued contemplation on life’s fickle fingers of fate and opens the possibilities for more growth and deeper healing. In the same sparse style,  I invite readers to share my continued journey, as I attempt to  “write my way home.”

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