Gratitude in flow

What a special treat!   To have recently found out that five folks from my last Why not Do What You Love?  class had been meeting every three weeks or so to work the material and support each other, on their own initiatives.

A 3-session class cannot be deemed a life changer unless the challenge introduced is actually accomplished–in small bits, large clumps, often with supportive nudging.  They learned the lesson I intended and were diligently working to do more of what they love in life.  My heart is forever warmed.

The best form of “thank you” in the world.  It arrived in the form I choose to see as both a wonderful gift to themselves, and to me.

How does gratitude flow in your life?

Who I was…is still who I am

A serendipitous journey into the archives of my past has demonstrated that 27 years later, that I’m still paying attention to the basic truths of life. I’m still asking the same probing questions.  I’m still inviting people to think about what matters to them and give themselves permission to go for it.   It was affirming to recognize how much I have NOT changed and that the consuming professional and personal interests of my past, still enrich my present.

And so, in honor of the part of my life journey that has been totally consistent, here’s my first experiment with a video blog post.

Dare to take time, take a break, or even STOP for 4 minutes to entertain the powerful question that always seems to find its way into my current teachings.


What is it that keeps me going?

What is it that keeps you going?

I’ve been asking that very question at my senior residence, “What is it that keeps you going?”CIMG0930-Eileen 2

  • Eileen tap dances, sews and crochets and knits
  • John collects stamps and creates trivits, helped by his magnifying glass.
  • Pauline relishes the remnants of her former button collection and gets up to dance anytime she hears a beat.
  • Doris and Marie welcome new arrivals and make them feel at home.
  • Joan lives for her grandchildren.
  • Jenn lives for her Red Sox team.

Eileen said, “I need a challenge!” when I found her one morning searching through sweater pattern magazines seeking an embellishment she hasn’t yet learned to do.

At 74, I need to keep learning! Continue reading