The Goal…to stand and walk



Yes, here’s a picture of what I have on the good days, and what I want on all days, without the benefit of any crutch,  chair, walker, or scooter!    Perhaps my progress is easier for others to see…especially my PT who knows how and where to look.  Yesterday, she exuded pleasure with my progress, and laid on some next VERY HARD exercises to master.

While I loved the affirmation, I hate the process.  Fortunately, I’m gaining some experience with being able to do two iterations of whatever she assigns at first, collapsing with exhaustion, and after a month being able “to find the muscles” and use them for three, five, 10 and 20 times.

PT praise at our next meeting is welcome surprise.

What choice do I have, if I want a life that works?  And so, little by little, by little, we (my body and I)  keep marching forward, straighter and taller and a bit more easily each week.

She, the scoliosis specialist,  thinks I can do it.

And I, finally, am gaining a glimmer of hope.