Just musing….still musing

I’ve come to a place where I want to “reintroduce” this blog space, and honor the spirit of the original motivation for these posts.

In 2011, I published two volumes of Musing Along the Way.  They contained my poetic glimpses during 10 years of reclaiming a life after an unexpected, at-the-time unwelcome, and life-changing diagnosis of multiple sclerosis.  As I was preparing the two volumes for publication and setting up this website, my very first post from February 2011  suggested that I wanted to create a blog space where I could continue to track life ongoing, and keep writing, post publication.

Looking through the archival posts since 2011, I note that they have no longer surfaced in the poetic forms that channelled through me onto book pages over a 10-year period.  What they do is randomly track the many changes that have occurred in the three years since 2011, downsizing, moving, awareness of aging, trials, and joys and discoveries of a woman getting older and still working to “heal”.  Just as I intended, they document the on going journey of my life, or at least, the experiences I am inspired to write about.

As we enter July 2014, something new is “demanding” my attention.
Since it may become the theme of choice for the musings to come in this space, I want to give it a name.  The Journey Woman Ages.

My brother’s recent death really precipitated some new thinking.  I am increasingly aware that I am well into my third and final chapter of life.  I want to be prepared for an end of life that is peaceful, leaves the legacy of which I am capable, and does not burden family and friends.  And I seem to want to track this next part of the life journey as I awaken to new feelings, new concerns, and the new tasks of a woman getting older.  As ever, I want to make my process, my discoveries, insights, and random thoughts available to others who may be on a parallel path.  I want to track my excitement as I explore new terrain, and record the discouragements that I encounter along the way.

Starting at age 60, my two Musing books “called” to be written as a way to help me heal from many, many, many losses.  Now 74,  I’m experiencing the same urgent “calling” to write again, this time to help me age…with grace.

Being more conscious about my own aging process is a new phase in my life’s  journey.  I now recognize that the content of many of the posts of this last year have clearly documented entry into this new phase.  Particularly that of 6/17/14,  written just three weeks ago.   I just didn’t see it.  Until now.

So, this writing has been not only therapeutic, but clarifying.  I now acknowledge that I’m in a new place.

So be it.   The musing continues… as the journey woman ages.