While reading your books, I found myself smiling and crying right along with you. It is so comforting to know that the confusing thoughts that sometimes run through my head actually make sense to someone else and that I am not
the only one confused and grasping for a branch that will keep me from a crash landing! I’m now at the point where I am pursuing my spiritual path, still hoping for a miracle and feeling sure it will happen in one form or another.

When I finished reading and reflected on “Musings Along The Way”, I thought of how brave you are to share your personal feelings and experiences with all who are interested. I bought your books to share with some family and friends to help them understand some of the thoughts and situations that come with this disease, most of which don’t show on the outside.

Somehow knowing that someone else has similar thoughts while dealing with the challenges reminds me that I’m not alone with this sometimes lonely disease.

-Marcia Moran


Martha Johnson has written a book about accepting illness and loss. In poems that are intensely personal and yet very familiar to anyone undergoing the same trials, she has recorded the bumpy road from fighting the inevitable effects of illness to living her life in such a way as to no longer feel limited.  This book is a “must read” for anyone looking to understand those who live with chronic disease.

-Maggie Harling, MD,Principal author, “So, you have MS.   What’s next?


Martha Johnson’s poems offer us a straightforward look at life’s difficulties, struggles, blessings and joys. She doesn’t flinch from taking a forward-looking view at what, for some, would be touchy subjects. We’re the richer because of it.

-Sean Vernon, Musician, Songwriter, Poet, Teacher


To those who value and appreciate the concept of the well-examined life, Martha Johnson offers a gift of wisdom and guidance.   Her “musings” give expression to what many women feel at midlife, even if they are not facing a life-altering medical diagnosis. In fearlessly sharing her personal trials and challenges, she leads the reader down a path to discovering one’s own resurrection of hope and lightness of being.

-Dana Muller, DMA, JD