A mother remembered

The internet is addictive.  Today, I indulged my curiosity by roaming around, following my curiosities.  On this Mother’s Day 2014,  a very simple video experiment happened to catch my attention.  Someone had the notion to interview passers by on the street and record their answers:  “And what valuable advice did your mother give you?” Continue reading

For some reason, it’s flow time

Over the last few days, I’ve been doing nothing but “cleaning up.” Staying up until 2AM to clean out and organize the files on my computer. Deleting the prior to 2012 emails that no longer have relevance…sorting the ones which didn’t deserve deletion.  Locating the content and questions for new fall classes in a place where  they can easily “call” to me  when it’s their time.

Finding myself in this mode both surprises me and delights me, as it this task that I regularly avoid.  This week’s urgency to sort, dump, and file has not felt sourced from any “should”, nor any “to do” list.   Rather I feel in flow. Being called to do what’s next to do.  Hmmmm.  What’s this all about?  This “flow” business is not something I noticed or experienced for most of my working life.

In reflection, the last several years of a huge life transition have come to an end.  Looking back, those 3 years of a journey unfolding,  were perhaps,  a much more significant period of time than I realized.    And at this particular moment, right now, I feel like I am being prepared for something new to arrive.

Just noticing.

And enjoying the space.